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Required for coaches to be rostered with CYSA competitive teams in District VIII.  Alternative to holding a current referee license.
Topics: Offside, Fouls, Misconducts, Interactions with Officials, etc. 


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MARCH 20, 2012

​​The following statement was issued in conjunction with the above:

As you can see the referee still has the ultimate authority for deciding if equipment is safe however there is more information on orthopedic supports and what you may allow if you deem it safe and under what conditions:

As per the PIM any player wearing an orthopedic support must have with them at the game a medical release that has been signed by a licensed medical physician.

Other devices you may be asked to consider allowing are knee and ankle braces, hard splints, soft casts and air casts.  These devices may be permitted if a medical release signed by a licensed medical physician is present and if the device is worn in accordance with the stipulations in the PIM, and if referee deems it safe to the player and others AND the medical release signed by a licensed medical physician is present at the game.

However, hard casts and splints made of a hard substance that cover the circumference of the arm or wrist ARE NOT permitted even if they are covered with padding.

New Jewelry Rule In Effect

Cal North has modified the established jewelry policy to cover jewelry that may be permanently attached to a player, or is of religious nature. For jewelry that is permanently attached, the parent must have signed the Cal North waiver form, and the form must be presented to the referee for viewing. If the form is not presented, the player cannot play until the form is produced. The following quote from PIM 12-1, lists the new policy.

PIM 12-1 (Modified 01-2012 / Rev 09-2013) PLAYER EQUIPMENT

Jewelry: Except as provided below, All jewelry must be removed, including necklaces, rings, earrings, friendship bracelets and any visible body piercing with an earring-like device; Medical identification ("medic alert") jewelry is not to be removed; medical identification jewelry must be taped securely and completely to the wrist or neck. Any item of clothing or jewelry that is clearly religious in nature and that is required by the wearer’s religion to be worn may be permitted by the referee if it is not dangerous and not likely to provide the player with an unfair advantage.  Items that are permanently attached to the player’s body and are not removable may be permitted if: (1) in the opinion of the referee the item(s) are not dangerous to other players or can reasonably be made safe and (2) the player’s parent or guardian has signed a waiver on a form specified by Cal North CYSA.

Distrct VIII Referee Policy

1. DO NOT argue with the referee/referees. They are ALWAYS right, even when they are “wrong”.  NO coach has ever won an argument with a referee. Do not put yourself at risk of being suspended because you confronted a referee before, during, or after a game.

2. It is YOUR responsibility to keep your players AND spectators under control before, during, and following all Cal North sanctioned games.

3. All referees WILL make mistakes during the course of a game, that is part of the game.

4. Your “view” of a specific play will usually be exactly the opposite of what the center referee’s view is (Usually the referee is in the “center” of the field and you are on the “side” of the field). The referee will see fouls that you will not see and vice versa. Expect this and “live” with it.

5. Accept the calls, they will usually even out UNLESS one team is playing more aggressively than the other team.

6. If you observe one of your players beginning to play more aggressively than what is called for or at a more aggressive nature than what the other players are playing at OR your player is becoming “mouthy” towards the opposing player/players OR referee you should take action to control the player before the referee does.

7. Be sure that your players understand that DISSENT towards the referee is NOT ACCEPTABLE conduct from any player or team official at any level of Cal North sanctioned play.

8. IF, the referee is not calling fouls properly and those non-calls put your players in danger of being injured because of the referee’s “lack of control” of the game. You should ask the nearest assistant referee to you to request that the center referee “Tighten Up” the game. If the center referee does not comply in a reasonable amount of time with your request after being notified by the assistant referee of your concerns you should “abandon” the game by removing your team from the field and write a brief one or two page report to: Shirley Thompson, D8 Commissioner @ 1239 Adam Street, Tracy, CA  95376 . as to what your reasons were for abandoning the game. If you choose to abandon the game because the referee does not in your opinion have control of the game DO NOT get into a discussion with the referee about it after the game is over. STAY AWAY from the referee after the game, he/she does not want to hear your comments on their officiating ability. DO NOT abandon a game because of disputes/dissatisfaction about referee judgment calls regarding: Who’s throw in it is when the ball goes out of bounds; Whether it is a goal kick or a corner kick; Whether a player was off side or no, etc. You should only abandon a game when you feel the playing environment is dangerous for your players.

9. DO NOT discuss anything that took place during a game with the referee after ANY game:

Stay away from the referee/referees after a game. The referee does not want your opinion of his/her skills as a referee. (If you have negative comments about a referee they should be sent in writing to Shirley Thompson, D8 Commissioner @ 1239 Adam Street, Tracy, CA  95376 . If you choose to write a letter about the referee’s actions be specific in your letter as to what technical mistakes were made by the referee (Be sure that you know the rules of play before you write the letter). Give the date, time, age/gender group, location of the game, and the level of play. (I need to be able to find out who the referee was). Your remarks or actions towards a referee before, during or AFTER a game may lead to your suspension as a coach. Do not let your spectator/parents confront a referee during or after a game. You are responsible for their actions as well as your own behavior and you could be suspended for not controlling your

Shirley Thompson, Cal North District 8 Commissioner

Sue Gonzales,Treasurer/ODP Coordinator

 Download printable copy:    HERE​​

Left To Right:
Doug Chard,
Arcelie Rodrigues
, Lou Toste 

The following referees were selected as youth referees of the year, for 2017

Arcella was also named Cal North youth referee of the year.

Dear League Officials and Assignors:

My name is Doug Chard, Regional Referee Administrator.  This is to update you and your league on procedures set forth by CNRA for requesting Entry Level Referee Clinics (ELC). Please see important details below regarding new online procedures for course requests.

All course requests will need to be completed online.  The fee for the course is $300.

​USSF Referee Entry-Level Course (Grade 8) Information:

  • The Sponsoring League shall request the clinic online at You can click the Sponsor an Entry Level Referee Course hyperlink, which will direct you to the instructions for requesting a clinic through GameOfficials.

  • The Course size is limited to 35 students.

  • A check (payable to CNRA) is required for the course ($300) and must be mailed directly to CNRA. The address is CNRA, PO BOX 848, Rocklin, CA, 95677. If possible, please reference the course number on the check. It should be located on GameOfficials once the course request has been completed.

  • Once the check has been received by CNRA, an instructor will be assigned, and the course will be approved so that students can register.

  • Students will be required to register for the course online.  This can be done by going to and clicking on the hyperlink titled Become a Referee. They can view available courses by selecting the "On-line, Classroom, and Field Session" link. From here they can then click on the hyperlink that will take them to the registration page for the clinic they choose

If at any time you have questions regarding Entry Level Clinics, In-Service Clinics, Referee Registration, or general questions, please feel free to contact me.

For the Good of the Game,
Doug Chard
CNRA Regional Referee Administrator

East Region

Phone:  (209) 603-3549

Requesting A Clinic On-line
Upcoming Referee Class Registration

CNRA Referee Course Modules

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Bad Day

Have you ever had a bad day as a referee? Compare your experience with the experience of the following referees:


What Being The Referee Means On The Field

What you need to remember when you take the field as a referee.

Want To Be A Referee?

If you are interested in becoming a referee, there are courses given in many cities, in different districts. You may find a class near you by checking the class listings here


This is simple. To be assigned to Cal North games, you must have a current referee license. The license from the previous year does not count, if you are in the following year, and have not renewed your license. You effectively have NO license, as the previous license has expired. To referee games for each year, you must renew your license every year.

To renew your license, go to: CNRA

Laws Of The Game Work Shop For Coaches

When:              TBD
Where:             TBD
Cost:                $10 - paid at the course .
Instructor:       Contact for registration: Douglass Chard

Who should attend: CYSA competitive coaches and anyone else who wants a better knowledge of key laws of the game.  Coaches of CYSA district 8 competitive soccer teams need to have either a current referee license, or have completed this Laws of the Game workshop within the past two years.

Referee Name
Arcelie Rodrigues
D'Angel Huitron
Madison Zabriskie
Alex Stearns
Will Schwabe
Aexis Rodriguez
Sonia Luiz2015
Andrew Cortez
Dinora Angel
Luis Basulto
Adriana Contreras
Gideon Stelmack
Jessica Montiel
Steven Pust
Andrea Ikeda
Matt Hubbard

Want to test your knowledge of the laws against game situations and receive immediately feedback on your answers? There is an on-line site that provides this service to you!  Increase your knowledge and skills on handling game situations by taking some of the tests.

D'Angel Huiron


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