Olympic DP

All forms required for ODP play may be found on the Cal North Site

What is ODP?

The Olympic Development Program is a national process for identifying and developing the best youth soccer players.  The process promotes players to the U.S. National Teams, which represent the United States in international competition, such as the Youth World Cup and the Olympics.

The main ODP objective is to identify, evaluate and train highly talented male and female youth soccer players.  As part of this national effort, the CYSA ODP is dedicated to developing the highest level of youth soccer. This objective must be achieved in an atmosphere of integrity, fairness and impartiality. The player's physical and cognitive skills and attitude must be the only criteria for the program. The procedure to achieve this objective must be approved by the CYSA Board of Directors and must not conflict with any US Youth Soccer or United States Soccer Federation (USSF) policies.

The secondary objectives are to:

* Evaluate and select players in each ODP age group for a State pool of players from which State Team players are selected.

* Advance the soccer skills of players in each ODP age group.

* Provide competitions for State Teams in each ODP age group.

While individual leagues or districts may have additional objectives for their local programs, those objectives must not adversely affect the success of the ODP.

ODP participation does not mean that players do not participate on their club team. ODP participation, whether at the District, State, Regional or National level, is concurrent with club team participation. The advantages outweigh any conflicts this might poseDistrict 8 ODP

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