During periods of bad air quality, there is a need to keep an eye on the quality of the air, to protect players and individuals.

Air quality chart

Lists air quality in the surrounding areas, with Air Quality Index markers for each area.          

Air quality health implications   

Lists restrictions as indicated by the AQI (Air Quality Index) numbers for any area.  The index numbers can be found by looking at the 'Air Quality Chart', above.

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March 26           Sept 24
Apr 23                Oct 29
​May 7
July 23               Nov 15


 Coach    -  CDC On-line Concussion Course.  Yearly requirement for any coaching job.

 Parent   -  Yearly Concussion Information Sheet for reading/signing

 Player   -  Yearly Concussion Information Sheet for reading/signing

What's new....

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For Your Information

California in PHASE 3, of Four Stage Reopening Procedure...

District VIII - Board Meeting 
Next meeting:   May 7

                           7:00 PM

Location:    Round Table Pizza, Manteca

A board meeting may be held by teleconferencing, or held at a site selected close to the meeting date.


No Pets

ALL Leagues In The Process Of Processing Reopening Plans For Restarting Soccer. Check with your league for further information...

Cal North announces that substitutions will be done per US Soccer, Player Development Rules.  Unlimited substitutions are allowed, and may occur at any stoppage in play, for all age groups.

Cal North Announces Heading Rules

Cal North Mandatory Background Check Requirement For Adults

Cal North Goal Keeper Course Video

Cal North Coaches are required to take the CDC concussion course

SL Team App Preferred Team Service for Cal North


Smoking is not permitted at Cal North games, or practices

How COVID Is Affecting Soccer Reopening

Spirit Rule

District VIII8-goal differential applies to all games. Opponents are not to run the score up past 8 goals, over an opponents goal score.

Future District VIII
Board Meetings:

4th Thursday of Month

January, March, May, July, September, October

3rd Thursday of Month in November (location varies).

2020 Meeting Dates

Please remember that pets (including small dogs) are not allowed at CYSA District 8 events, including practice and games.  Service dogs allowed.

June 12, 2020, Cal North Authorizes Reopening Of Soccer Activities

Concussion Requirement Forms/Class