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Bill Meyer League - TBD - (must be completed and submitted by a League Official).Type your paragraph here.

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Bill Meyer League - TBD


Red Card Verification Report

J. Frazier League - TBD - Red Card Verification Report

Forms & Resources

District VIII Forms

  • CYSA Adult Team Official Registration (this is an on-line registration process) : Register 

  • Live Scan Finger Print Form : Form

  • Request For Certificate of Liability Insurance : Form 8000

  • Cal North League Affiliation Document : Form

  • Cal North Game Card Stickers (22 player Roster) : Stickers

  • Cal North Game Card Stickers (18 player Roster) : Stickers

  • Protests, Appeals and Disicipline Rules and Procedures Manuals : Manual

  • Protests, Appeals and Disiciplines Outline: Outline

  • PAD, Notice of Filing (Protest, Appeal, Hearing) : Notice

  • Cal North 2014-2015 Team Manual : Manual

  • Liability Release and Waiver for Jewelry or items permanently Attached : Form

  • Cal North 2015-2016 Possible Concussion Notification Form : Form

  • Cal North Concussion Procedures & Protocol : Document

  • Cal North Case Injury Report (for reporting player injuries): Form

  • Cal North Playing Age : PAGE

Cal North Forms