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Eight out of the nine Cal North District Coaching Administrators, along with Cal North Coaching Directors Carlos Menjivar and Paul Saopsford, met in Modesto in November at the invitation of State Committee Chairman Hervi Rualo to formally approve the curriculum for the excellent new “F” Coaching License Course, which now stresses technical development and sports psychology. There was much lively discussion and in the end it was universally agreed that the emphasis on technique vs tactics and addressing the crucial topic of the mental/emotional/psychological state of players was indeed the right path to take. Look forward to cutting edge, relevant F License courses coming your way in the upcoming year. The video segments and the section on dealing with parents are great.

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Your completed applications and appropriate fees (checks made out to
Cal North) will be sent to my home address for verification before being forwarded to Pleasanton:

It is crucial that the application is complete and includes a backup date in case the first choice is not available. The sooner the applications get to me the better the chance the league will get their choice of dates...Give 5 weeks lead time before class date when sending the applications to me.

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All players, parents, coaches, and referees are required to act as a reasonable person concerning player safety, including protecting players from wearing any equipment or device that is dangerous to the player wearing the equipment or device or to any other player. Dangerous equipment and devices include but are no limited to orthopedic casts, air-splints, or metal splints. Players wearing any dangerous equipment or device including orthopedic casts, air-splints, or metal splints, shall not be eligible to participate in any game, practice, tryout or training session.

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